This past week around the Travel Goods Association trade show, I managed to get in two games of golf.

I golfed twice at the 27 hole Badlands courses, designed by Chi Chi Rodriguez and Johnny Miller.

Situated just outside of Las Vegas for half the holes the best advice is keep the driver in the bag.

This course is about communing with the desert through its canyons, arroyos, and washes.

At first look I didn’t think I was going to quite appreciate the challenge…or the beauty.

But take my word, this is a beautiful course to golf on, in no small part because it is different.

Every hole can be a challenge. Yet if you think it through non of them are all that difficult.

Placement not power is the key…and it was a really nice seriess of tracks to drive around.

Mountain ranges are in the background and there are lots of birds and small wildlife on the course.

If you’re heading to Las Vegas, give the Badlands a try…I think you will like the courses a lot as I did.