It seems like we just got back and here we go again.

This spring we enjoyed a cruise that took us to a number of Italian ports.

We travelled along the Amalfi coast, stopped in Sicily, and Pisa; And then after a few days in Rome we travelled to the now famous Tuscany region staying at an amazing place called the Palazzo Brandano.

I told my grandchildren I would take them there one day…to where the best spagetti comes from…even if it is made with Canadian duram wheat.

And now we go back again. We start our April cruise in Venice and make another stop in Sicily only sidetracked in the middle to a few more Greek Islands and a few stops in Croatia.

We will spend a few days travelling around the Venice area, maybe even go back to florence…although even though it is not a traditional tourist city, I have a desire to go to Milan.

For those considering Italy it is an exceptional place to vacation…not cheap but can be made affordable.

Don’t pass up the opportunity. feel free to talk to me or call our travel agency…

I love helping people and am happy to get personnaly involved in your journey.