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If you have been following my last few blog reports you know I gave up my trip to Huatulco to my daughter and her husband.

Very informative radio show at noon today about the Huatulco region and the particular resort she is staying at.

Las Brisas is marketed by Signature Vacations out of Winnipeg with the only non stop flight from here to there.

I know Hilary and Rob are having a relaxing time…they both need it as they do work hard.

We have the kids and I know she wishes we were all there…but for this week, I am confident that she feels lucky that she has the trip I was to take…and wish you were here is accurate as long as we all could be there…but a straight exchange…I don’t think so.

You can listen to the entire show on tomorrow. Once on the site go to ‘travel tips’ then click on the radio show and today’s date.

It was quite good with input from both the Huatulco Hotel Association, and las Brisas.