Regular readers will know I have been blogging a fair bit about our babysitting my grandchildren while my daughter and husband left for a Huatulco holiday.

Last night they returned after a Thursday in which the two children had their first real meltdown.

We had a great time together but for little ones a week seems a long time.

I don’t think my daughter will do that again. She missed the kids a lot as they are at that perfect age.

But what I miss…and I felt it this morning…is the presence of the two little ones in the morning when they come up to the bedroom to let us know they are away…and then we lay around and chat for a fairly long time.

My daughter did some real good planning for the trip, and I was able to follow all the guidelines well…so there were no screwups.

A long time ago I remember leaving my two children at home…for two weeks. I don’t know how they or we managed.

I have had many family holidays since and I loved every one of them…notwithstanding greater challenges at times when the kids were teens.

I think parents should use week ends for their private getaways. I think that works for everyone, grandparents included.