The government of Canada approved the merger, or whatever they are calling it.

This is a case where David won over Goliath. Upstart Sunwing will take over the operations of Signature vacations now. Tomorrow a lot of great people across the country will be told they are no longer wanted.

Such is the case in all mergers but this one will likely have greater impact because the quality of people being let go, and we are privy to some of the announcements now, are top drawer people.

Sunwing is not going to let go the people who got them to this point in their success story. So it is the higher paid, longer tenured people who will mostly be gone.

The word is that both brands will still be offered next year in the same way as Transat Holidays and Nolitours, both part of the same organization are sold, with separate brochures. transat usually offers the higher end properties while Nolitours tends to be for the more budget conscious traveller.

Signature will likely market the high end product in this case, while Sunwing pushes price.