No, I have not yet left for the Travel Goods Show, but this is one blogger for whom distance is not a barrier but an opportunity.

Regular followers will know I have been trying to bring the world of travel into the blog on a daily basis.

When I travel two pieces of equipment are always with me…the first is my computer. I don’t miss a day where I don’t keep in touch. And the other is my camera.

Capturing the destinations I go to is a part of the job and it is a genuinely joyful part at that.

So you will know what I discover in Las Vegas and either there or when I get back I will post pictures.

On Sunday I will likely call in to the show on CJOB at noon CST and bring listeners up to date.

You can listen live on . Also don’t forget we have started a no purchase necessary contest on the main site, so feel free to enter for the free luggage set on Just click on to the link on this page