At 5am this morning I woke to go to my daughter and son in laws home to begin the ‘Great Babysit’. I was making pancakes as they, if the departure was on time, were winging their way to Huatulco

I went to the house last night to get my briefing and was totally impressed with how my daughter had prepared the children, 3 and 5, for their absence.

She had briefed them on how she was going to send pictures from Huatulco, and was going to prepare them for a short trip they will taking shortly after they return from Mexico.

She had two huge colorful shopping bags prepared, one for each child. Inside each bag was a present and a note for each morning…starting this morning.

Even before the pancakes we read the first note, which was loving and cute. The gift was just some color pencils and a drawing card. Each small bag is marked by day, with little notations like two days to go.

For the day of their return the bags say “The best Friday of All”.

The planning schedule my daughter left me was worthy of an army general. It left nothing unexplained…I guess she knows me.

I may not be travelling but we are genuinely looking forward to a week with the kids.

And I am a very proud father, recognizing what a wonderful mother she is.

Before I had grandchildren I don’t know if I could have projected how much I would enjoy the experience.

With the organized lists we have to work from I think we are all going to get through this tremendously well.

I will report later.