It is a question I get asked often. What is the best light luggage?

There are a lot of good brands and all manufacturers have moved to created lighter luggage than in the past.

It is not hard to build light luggage. All you have to do is kill quality by lowering the density of the fabric, eliminating the frame completely, and throwing on cheap small zippers, wheels and handles.

However to get that right mix takes research. Right now, for my money, it’s the Victorinox Werks brand.

Firstly it’s guaranteed even against airline damage.

It is made with a strong but still light weight ballistic nylon…always better than polyesters.

It has, what is called, a honeycomb frame. This is a fully 3 sided plastic enclosure to protect the bag. So many of the light weight brands, even the better ones frequently sacrifice frame.

It’s zippers, wheels, and handles are all top quality.

There are seldom repairs required on this series, which may explain why they can guarantee so completely.

Take a look on

They look great and come in a good variety of colors as well.