After we took the grandchildren to welcome the parents back home, it was time to carry on with the rest of my life.

Three of four weeks ago an idea was engendered by Pat Rachey of Signature Vacations and a couple of other people that a fund raising social for Haiti should be organized.

Our manager of Renaissance Travel jumped on the idea, and with a dedicated group of volunteers from the industry…most of them competitors in business…the social committee such as it was choose last night for the event.

Who would come to an event the night of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, let alone buy a ticket.

Before long people were scrambling to find tickets from those who might not have sold their allottment.

There were 400 tickets sold and another 100-200 could have been sold but for the MLC and hall restrictions.

The prize committee went to work. There were at least 24 large Rainbow Auction prizes and four grand prizes worthy of any fundraiser. Trafalger and Globus trips, Westjet and Air Canada tickets.

No one was refusing to buy the extra fundraiser arms long ticket for the 50-50 draw.

I wondered if anyone would show up.

It was packed with most of the 400 showing up to have a great industry time.

It is the first time in many years that I saw that many travel industry people gathered in the same room when no one was selling them anything.

It was a fine evening.

I don’t think I realized how much our people at Journeys/Renaissance had gotten involved until Pat Rachey articulated the accolades.

But there were many others from other agencies and the suppliers really came together to virtually help guarantee its success.

I don’t know yet how much money was raised but it will not be insignificant.

It feels good to feel good about the industry and its people that you work, or compete, with year round.