At the end of the week I head off to Las Vegas again for the big Travel Goods Show.

This has always been a must attend for us. We get to see what our current suppliers will be bringing into Canada over the coming weeks, which gives us time to plan our orders and quantities, and define some expectations for what we are going to bring into the Journeys Travel & leisure SuperCentre store.

But it also gives us a chance to discover the most recent inventions in travel products.

Three years ago I found the Zip-it Socks. What a clever invention it was. As simple as can be but brilliant. A pocket in a regular pair of hiking socks that has a zipper on it to prevent cash or credit cards from falling out.

Who in the world would think of looking at your socks to pickpocket you…even if they could.

Then two years ago I discovered the new neck rest…not for falling back on but for preventing that terrible crick in the neck feeling from sleeping while your head is slumped forward.

With a sample provided me by the inventor I tried it on the flight home. I knew it would become popular, and we have sold dozens and dozens of them.

Last year we discovered the wallet which prevents theives from reading credit card information with the new distance technology they are able to use.

What will I find this year. I don’t know but one of the items I will look at is a new luggage series with a scale built right into it.

I marvel at all these inventions.

Some work better than others. If they don’t live up to our expectations we drop them quickly.

But we have also helped many people make their travels more comfortable, secure, and relaxing. And that makes me feel good.

if you want to see some of these products click the link on to