Once again my daughter heads on the road, this time with the children.

She had a very hard time while in Huatulco, missing them a geat deal.

One of the ways we kept the children from missing them too much was to remind them that very soon they would be going with their parents to Disney World in Florida.

One time when the oldest was feeling lonely, I reminded her of the upcoming trip and told her the story of our first trip to the Disney theme park, when her mother was not much older than she was now.

The story must have had an impact because she related it to her teacher who told mother about it on her first day back.

It has always been one of my most emotional memories.

She was about 8 years old when we made our first trip to Disney World.

It was on the “It’s a small world ride”.

We boarded the little boats that take you through a winding stream of thousands upon thousands of dolls. In the background the song ‘It’s a small world is blaring’.

As the boat moves along I think it is interesting but I am not all that impressed.

Then I look down at my girl and she is crying, overcome with emotion. In seconds her mother and I join her, with tears streaming for most of the ride.

It is right up there with memories of her growing up. I still cry when I recall it, but it is the best kind of tears a person can have.

There were a number of other special things that occured on that first visit.

I hope that they can share in some similar discoveries.

Disney may be a plastic place, with the ultimate commercialism everywhere, but it still is a place where families can bond and memories like those that are indelible in my mind, can be formed for all families.