In a most interesting lunch today with the wonderful people from Transat Holidays, we discussed the current state of the industry.

Prices have never been lower as tour operators kill each other with kindness to the consumer.

Tour operators don’t want to go our with empty seats so they are completely decimating the perceived value of a vacation, as they willing lose money on each booking.

This is great for the consumer who waited. But where does this lead?

Cruises are leaving full, not just because of their popularity but because they too have dropped their drawers.

What will tomorrow bring?

Will you book your next years vacation when the possibility exists for savings of several hundred dollars later. And believe me the tour operator will do nothing to give you money back even if the price drops 50%.

Will you go back to a 5 star property or take your next cruise with the price goes back to where it is supposed to be?

This is the dilemma we will all be faced with. So I guess we should all relax for now. Get on the phone and book your next vacations, I hope at or and worry only about sipping a rum and coke, and let next year take care of itself.