I suddenly feel vulnerable.

I am so used to going on trips solely with my carry on luggage.

I stopped worrying about taking tooth past and other liquid toiletries a long time ago. I buy razor blades when I get to my destination.

But now I ask myself. How are you going to take on a computer, a full set of camera gear, my clothes, shoes etc under the new guidelines.

This either or thing I give other people advice about has me stymied.

My solution, and I don’t like it is to pack my computer and all its pieces, my camera and attachments, and little else in a full size carry on which is now acceptable,

I will check in my clothes in a suitcase and take the extra time.

Now I know how real road warriors must feel.

But change is what it is…and like everyone else I will adapt.

But it is the S___ts isn’t it?