Millions from around the world will have seen Friday’s opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic games.

What a great commercial for this country.

It featured every region, our best performers, and the best songs and music.

And for the next two weeks we will hosts thousands from around the world who will make a stop in Vancouver for the games, then venture out to see the rest of this great nation.

I wish protesters could understand that this amazing commercial called the Olympics will bring present, but more importantly future foreign currency to this country which otherwise would not come.

It will be a exceptional event. But the lasting impact will not be buildings and full hotel rooms for a two week period.

It will bring a legacy of dreams to visit this country which will be fulfilled for more than a generation forward.

A year ago the Travel Media Association of Canada held its annual conference in Richmond, home of the Olympic Oval, which is being highlighted now with massive television coverage.

I wrote a story then which I have reprinted below.

I hope you enjoy it.

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