We do a lot of groups annually, both business and wedding or other special celebrations.

We get a lot of feedback from our customers, and ask for feedback that we publish on our websites, particularly http://www.renaissancetravel.ca/ .

We just had a large group return from Punta Cana. I will not mention the resort but it happened to be one that they picked because they were so satisfied in the brand from past use.

But sometimes things change. They came back very unhappy with the service, the state of the resort and just the general sense that this resort did not live up to the standards.

We try to recommend properties that have current posative reviews but even we can be wrong at times.

Usually a brand keeps its service imperative throughout.

The other major disappointment the group experienced was around the attitude of Skyservice, not at this end but at the other end.

People who walked on to the plane here with their carry-0n’s found they were being charged exhorbitant amounts on the other side, without any extra weight added.

Reports were the people insisted on cash and were pocketing it.

This will be a sad turn of events should this continue.

We will try to track it down but brands need to constantly monitor their properties. And destinatations need to stay on top of what’s happening on the ground