The beaches of Haiti are as nice as those in the Dominican

Since the terrible earthquake that befell it a few weeks ago there have been all kinds of punduts projecting how the economy of Haiti can not only recover, but become a dynamic one as well.

Some have suggested that Tourism, visits by you and I, to this country can be one of the economic engines.

I asked that question of Dr. Pierre Plourde, the presiding physician at the Journeys Pre-Travel Health Clinic, and for this purpose, the man who has taken a team of medical professsionals each February for the past 10 years plus.

His response was yes, but it will likely take another 20 years.

The problem is that Haiti has suffered under political instability for many of the past decades, and only recently appeared to be operating like a normal country should.

Investment dollars will be hard to find in the short run considering the options in nearby countries, like the Dominican Republic right next door.

At the present time the really is no service experience in the country to speak of, and visitors who spend significant dollars, expect high levels of hospitality service.

Yet Haiti’s beaches are as nice as those in the Dominican. It’s people are genuinely friendly. And while its infrastructure will take years to develope, it is only a matter of currency that prevents it from happening faster.

One day we will all be choosing between Haiti, the Dominican, and others for our winter escape, but for the forseeable future it is only a dream.