There is something special about the first few weeks after you buy a new vehicle.

Everytime you close the doors you inhale a newness, and drive with a sense of pride in your choice.

That’s the feeling I had when I checked into the ARIA last night, or should I say this morning.

The flight departed quite late so we didn’t get in until about 1 AM Vegas time which was like 4 AM CST.

It didn’t lessen the thrill at all.

The rooms, with more technology than most cars, are really exceptionally impressive.

I have a strip side view and when the automatic currents slowly open, the sight that is revealed is a lightful sightful.

This is Las Vegas, and I may have one of the best views.

I wondered over to the Monte Carlo next door for lunch and had, what may be the best shrimp appetizer I ever ate.

Named Aucho Chile Shrimp it owns the spice without being overwhelming.

Likewise the spinach salad with dried cranberries, bacon, onion and boursin cheese was also excellent.

I think it was a rasberry type vinegrette but I can’t be sure except to say it was delicious.

I ordered French Fries and they are pre salted a bit too much for my liking but the Pub as this food outlet is called had a lot of excellent items on the menu, and the first two I ate were worth the walk.