As I have stated any number of times on my radio show, in my weekly column, and in this blog, I am not much of a golfer.

But I love the game, the outdoors, and the fact, rightly or wrongly, that golf courses are carved out of some of the most picturesque countryside in the world.

It is not just the walk in the park concept that enthuses me.

Today I golfed on the playacar golf course with a 9:30 am tee off time.

I was partnered with a gentleman from Argentina. His English was not perfect but I understood most everything he said.

Over four hours we found out about each other and will try to team up on Monday morning again.

As it happens Jorge Perez owns a small hotel in Argentina, a business we are much akin to as well.

We talked tourism, about our children, our travels, and pretty much saved the world over that time.

The game itself was just ok for both of us from a scoring perspective. I am convinced the Mexicans have so many sandy beaches they felt they needed to get rid of some of it in sand traps in the regional courses.

I think I may have taught Jorge a few new English words…and I think I know at least one or two new Spanish phrases.

All in all it was a morning well spent. And that’s why I like golf when I travel.