It’s an old expression. We close the barn after the horse has escaped.

Today there is a massive overreaction to the failed terrorist attempt over the holidays.

No longer can we take on wheeled carry on luggage. We can take a small purse…or a camera…or a couple of other small items.

The guy had the explosives in his shorts. what does that have to do with what is happening now.

We all fear body scanners will destroy our privacy.

What privacy…Have you seen the images that the scanners portray. There is nothing to see and if one or two losers in security get turned on by that against the thousands who want to protect us, so be it.

These scanning devices are expensive and we will all pay for them…but tests seem to confirm that they are are viable option.

How in the world are airlines going to justify charging for second bags now as security issues force us into second bags.

And if the hold is more full with these new bags which once resided above our heads, will they be happy losing cargo revenue. this revenue is very important to airline bottom line.

The current solution cannot be permanent. But there is a solution waiting to be implemented.