We arrived at the PGA Resort Palm Beach Gardens here in Florida on Tuesday after playing the Blue Monster at Doral, and the championship Soffer course at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle.

We were able to golf the Haig track not long after we arrived, finishing about a minute before the rains duluged.

In minutes we could have just as well have been in the centre of a rain forest.

We were certain our golf was over as the forcast was for showers for the next two days.

However, by late morning Wednesday the rains had totally stopped and we took a start time of 12:18.

We golfed the Palmer Course which was really interesting and well laid out.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. Everyone wishing each other the best for the day.

We are scheduled to golf the Squire Course at just after eleven.

There were few people on the course, and the only thing that slowed us down was the deterioration in both our games, which had been pretty steady for the entire week.

The Squire course is like being on a wild bird preserve with forest and natural grasses, bordering a number of holes.

We even saw a baby alligater, if 4-5 feet is baby.

Everything is closed on Thanksgiving. It is the big day of the year here.

We look at the 49 dollar traditional buffet set up at the PGA Resort and decide to head out to find something less expensive.

What do the few restaurants that are open offer? A traditional Thanksgiving buffet.

We take one that is $29 and wish we would have stayed and had the PGA offering which looked absolutely fabulous.

We are up early because, like the Americans, we want to find the bargains.

Shopping is really not my cup of tea but Carey wants to buy a few things and I am sure I will find something that I must really need for me or Rae.

Perhaps some Xmas gift ideas may hit me in the face, and pocketbook.

We leave for home tonight.

We golfed every day, stayed in some great places, talked, had a few beers, dined well, and go hope looking forward to doing this again next year.

If you can listen to show this Sunday at 12:30 when I will be interviewing Craig Felanga of the PGA Resort.

I will be interviewing Rachel Pinzel of the Fairmont Turnberry Isle in January and will let you know when a little later.

If you want to book these resorts do call Journeys or go on line to or and leave and email. Someone will get back to you quickly.

In the meantime I have to get back to welcome the first snow, which is later than usual this year, but unavoidable