It is with a great sense of pride to note and congratulate Frontiers North Adventures for having been awarded the 2009 Skal International Ecotourism Award.

The award was presented to Frontiers North Adventures on November 2nd at the Opening Ceremony of the 70th Skal World Congress held in Budapest, Hungary.
Skal International is the largest organization of travel and tourism professionals in the world, with locations in 90 countries and over 20,000 members.

As the winner of this year’s award, Frontiers North Adventures demonstrated excellence in contributing to the conservation of nature and cultural heritage conservation, community involvement and benefits, educational features, business viability and innovation with their adventures in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

To win this awaard they were essentially competing head on with some of the most renowned eco-tourism projects in the world. It is an amazing achievement for a Manitoba based company.

If you would like to hear more about them listen this Sunday at 12:30 PM to radio station CJOB in winnipeg or go on line at and listen live.

What is more astonishing is that another Manitoba tour operator won this award last year in Taiwan. Northern Soul, a company which takes people on canoe adventures, offering sweat lodge experiences at the same time for those interest, were last years recipients.

This again was against unbelievably high profile organizations from around the globe.

Then to top it off Manitoba’s own folklorama was given a best event in Canada award a couple of weeks ago from the Tourism Association of Canada.

Now all we need to see is more people from around Canada and the world come to Manitoba to experience our exceptional tourist product.

And we need more Manitobans to jump on the bandwagon as well.