Thunder is rolling across the sky.

The rain, so far, is gentle but the forcast suggest lightining may be in the vicinity.

So we will be forced to sit around the bar, which is huge here at the PGA resort at Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

The Junior Championship is taking place here this week. Carey thought he was at high school grad looking at all the young guys and girls walking around yesterday.

This tournament is a big deal. College scholarships will be offered to many who golf well.

There is no doubt that at least a few of the names we see on the leaderboard today will make the PGA or LPGA in a few years.

There are few a few Canadians as well who have earned the right to be here.

It they are allowed to play later we will watch a few of the best demonstrate why millions of dollars may be lurking on their golf horizons.

This is a really nice resort and last night, only a few minutes from here, we experienced one of the best pizzas ever.

Called “When the moon hits your eye” (You need to be my age to get the name. Dean Martin once crooned those words in a song followed by the next line “Like a big Pizza pie), we watched them flip the dough in the air before loading it with fillings.

It proved to be an excellent recommendation by the front desk here. Before we leave we will likely go back to the sister restaurant across the patio, which is a slightly more formal Italian tablecloth restaurant.

Carey saw the pasta entres being delivered and exclaimed “I want that”.

We did get a game in on the Haig course yesterday and if we miss a round today that is fine, but we do hope the weather improves for tomorrow.