Most tour operators going south this winter will tell you there has been a slow down in bookings going south.

Interestingly though, no one is panicing…yet.

Most feel that much of the cause is people wanting and waiting to get vaccinated. They want to feel secure that they can do this and have the maximum protection take effect before they travel.

A number of people have asked me if it will be safe to go to Mexico, or the Dominican, or the States.

Some regions were not as progressive as Canada in ordering the number of doses required to protect the entire population.

My answer to them was the same as it is now. Get your vacination and you will be perfectly safe unless you get into a traffic accident. Because the facts are that that is still the most frequent cause of holiday problems.

It beats out theft, robbery, sickness, and falls.

So be careful when you cross the street and don’t drive fast if you rent a vehicle.