The weather here is unseasonably warm…but it isn’t in the 70 degrees F. Or 20C for that matter.

So my son Carey and I leave for Florida knowing we will enjoy a great week of golf.

Staying at the PGA Palm Beach Resort and the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort for a few days in each place will not be hard to take.

This is an exceptional region of the country to golf with all kinds of championships held here every year.

We will be in florida for the U.S. Thanksgiving and of coarse for Black Friday, the day retailers hope will signal a successful Christmas shopping season.

The bargains are great and we will likely find lots of bargains for Christmas giving.

I am also a great fan of the service industry in America. Hospitality is a proud career there and that pride is felt in the way most places treat the customer.

I think the occupancy will be high at both places.

A friend just returned from Mexico and found the November occupancy dismal. They stayed at a resort with 5 buildings of bedrooms and only two were opened.

As much is parts of America are going through the same think I am confident we will find a higher feeling of confidence even though the economy is still in the tank to a great degree.