So my son was supposed to be the one who buys out the stores on Black Friday, the biggest shopping and bargain day in America.

We head out to the Palm Gardebs mall, only a couple of kilometres away from the PGA Resort.

I just want to kill a couple of hours while Carey shops so I wonder into Sears.

Three trips back to our vehicle to drop off bags later I wait for Carey, camera ready to take a picture of his overburdened with bags arms.

Two or three small packages for a couple of hundred dollars.

Because we are leaving later Friday night I start packing my stuff in his suitcase.

Did I buy gifts for the family? Did I find toys for the kids? Did I purchase trinkets for the house.

It was me, me, me. I am pretty sure I got some good deals.

But I’m the guy who hates shopping. We still managed to get a last game in at the Presidents Golf Club before we left for the airport.

This was a great father and son trip.

Great resorts, beautiful golf courses, amazingly good weather considering the rain possibilities. And a plan to head back to San Antonio next year at the same time to visit our old friend Jack Parker at the Tapatio Golf Resort just outside the city.

If you’re thinking about a golf trip to Florida over the next while contact me and I will be pleased to help you plan it.