We are staying at the Polat Renaissance as I wrote above.

It is not downtown but adjacent to a very nice area of homes and apartments, so it is not at all like the commercial downtown.

Just 3 blocks away we noticed a small shopping area with a few stores and restaurants.

As we are walking we notice a very nice restaurant with a bunch of flowers in front…and I mean big bunches with ribbons etc.

We walk by it and conclude it looks like the best place.

We are seated and handed a menu with pictures of the items we can choose from which is very nice to get a sense of how they will come to us plated.

The restaurant is called Rumeli kofte & Et at Sipahoglu Cad. No 13 Yesilyurt. It is a family type business full of local customers and managed by a young man by the name of Ugur Yilmaz, who is one of the partners.

The meal was excellent and I recommend the restaurant for service and taste, not to mention a pleasing environment.

We choose to dine on the outside as opposed to inside and it was an exceptional evening.

It seems we dropped in on opening night…explaining the flowers.

It was pretty much a family affair and after a half hour or so we had become one of the family.

It is clear they are nice people and I wish them all the success in their new venture.

This was truly an exceptional experience and if you are in that area, make it a point to visit. you won’t be dissappointed.

And tomorrow try an entirely different food experience at a place called .

In the morning for almost three hours we will learn how to make a five course Turkish meal by participating in creating the menu items.

Then we will sit down over a couple of glasses of wine to consume our creations.

Both of these are sides of Turkey we never got to experience on our first go round in this country