I fell behind in my blogging in no small part because almost immediately after landing after our Istanbul to Athens cruise, I was off to a business trip in Quebec city.

It was a cold weekend with winds howling and light snow creating havoc.

A cruise ship was in the port. I couldn’t imagine how the guests must have felt facing those winds as they first walked on to the shore.

But while Quebec would certainly be better visiting during the hot days of summer, this quaint city, with its narrow streets and historical buildings can warm the soul of the coldest termperatures.

Amazing shops, majestic hotels, exceptional restaurants, and a history that while not as long, is as impressive as those anywhere.

This is Canada’s birthplace, a city over 400 years old.

I am going back in May. I wil take my wife and we will explore the region for a week or two.

I say be proud Canada because even as I love travelling around the world, this country offers its own never ending beauty and impactful memories.