It has been many years since I visited the Greek islands. It will not be as many before I go back.

We ended our journey in Athens and I could not think of a better conclusion to an exceptional trip.

We dined in the Plaka, the food and entertainment district, a lot. But we also spent time in the downtown and business area where the major department stores are.

The Acropolis will always represent a special place, even though similar experiences can be had at a number of islands.

Every island gives you something different. Certainly you will see antiquities in all of them and finding an undeveloped island free of tourists is now a near impossibility, but the typography can be dramatically different as is the lifestyle you come upon as you move from one to the other.

On the cliffs above the water or on the beaches that are laden with bikinis and restaurants, the view is always dramatic…once your eyes move beyond the bikinis.

A trip to Greece is an education, an opportunity to party, a culinary taste sensation, and a digital dream.

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