It came out of the blue.

In a cash and share exchange upstart tour operator will soon become the majority owner of Signature Vacations, the long established Canadian tour company.

For this year at least it will not likely mean much to most of us who go south, but next year you can bet cost savings measures will be implemented.

Sunwing is a private company who stated they made money even over the past couple of dark years.

There must be truth to this as they seem to have emerged as the power house player.

And Signature has acknowledged that it has been losing money hand over fist.

Canada likely had too many tour companies competing for the same dollar in good times, let alone through a recession.

Signature was owned by a European company, and big as it was, Europe’s economy has not been stellar over the past couple of travel seasons either.

Let’s see how this evolves over the next few months. I’ll keep you posted.