We arrived back in Turkey earlier today and got partially ripped off by a cabbie.

Actually since I agreed to the price I guess it was not technically a rip off. However, I paid just about twice the price it should have been to get to our hotel.

Why? Because it is the meeting place for the International Monetary Fund countries and their hangers on.

Just about every hotel in the city is overbooked. I am glad I guaranteed our reservation.

We are staying at the Palut Renaissance. It really is a georgeous property even though it is a few miles from downtown.

It is a business style hotel located about 3 miles from the airport.

They have a shuttle but we were tired and didn’t care what we paid.

The view from the hotel is beautiful overlooking the sea with dozens of boats on the water.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

We will spend a couple of more days in Istanbul and then board the Regent Voyageur of the Seas going from here to a number of Greek Islands and ending in Athens.

It has been many years since I was in Greece and look forward to reporting on it soon.