The only time I was in Wales was on my first Europe hitchhiking stint.

That trip created the travel addiction I still have today, an addiction I have no desire to cure.

But my visit to Wales was not much more than a pass through experience, although I do have a great story to tell in a future blog.

I am a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada, a group composed of mostly Canadian Travel journalists who qualify by writing stories or columns on a regular basis for newspapers and magazines.

Last year I was fortunate to have won first prize in our annual awards event for an action photo I took of a cliff diver in Mazatlan.

Normally this conference of TMAC as it is called takes place in Canada. But in March it will move outside the country for the first time to Carnduff, Wales.

I know I will love the people and we will be treated royally.

I will write a couple of blogs and a story which will most likely appear in the Winnipeg Free Press and definitely on the Journeys website at If you want to see past stories go on the site and click on to destination stories on the bottom.

Please share any views you have of Wales with my readers.