I less than two weeks we will be heading out to visit the Mall of America, stay at the Radisson Bloomington with its big water park across the street, and enjoy my grandkids enjoying themselves.

I travel a lot but now that I have two very young granddaughters, I must say that time with them is precious. And time on a holiday, near or far is even moreso.

My son in law and I will take in a day at the PGA championship while the wives and children shop and discover their surroundings.

But for the most part this will be a family holiday. We are going to dine at Craves restaurant in the Mall beccause the menu on line looks fabulous.

We certainly will take in the Nickelodean Rides that the kids can get on at their ages. And we are going to take them on the underground water aquatic adventure.

I can’t say I am looking forward to the long drive with the kids. I think it will be tough for them but I know it will work out fine.

This will be my first family holiday since my own children grew up and discovered destinations they would sooner visit without me, or more appropriately with someone else.

I welcome all hints on how to make this family adventure a great memory