We had an exceptional trip to Minneapolis with the two grandchildren and their parents two week-ends ago.

However it may be a misnomer to say Minneapolis since most of the time was spent in the suburb of Bloomington.

We stayed at the Radisson Bloomington (great place for families with its Water Park of America), and played so to speak at the Mall of America.

You can’t do that centre justice in 3 or 4 days. We found the food service there also exceptional (Try the Crave Restaurant).

However the highlight for my son in law and I was a day spent at the PGA golf tournament. We were stars on the 14th hole on Saturday as we were within feet of Tiger Woods.

He stepped back, the camera panned to my son in law and I and we both have been receiving emails and phone calls from around the country since.

Good fun, good experience to get the abiance of a major. But if you really want to watch golf, your television set is still the best.