I am an addict.

While I enjoy my booze it really is just a pasttime mostly on weekends.

I guess my weight would suggest I enjoy food a little too much.

But it is travel that is my drug of choice. And I don’t really care which part of the world I explore, including my own back door in this little province of Manitoba away from the rest of the busy world.

This past week-end we spent family time in Lake of the Woods where I have a cottage. We fished, laughed, watched the kids swim and had a great warm time, even though the weather was not perfect.

This weekend we will head out to Clear Lake, another Manitoba gem. We will golf and spend a lot of time on my brother in law and sister’s pontoon boat.

But I am ready for the big one again as well

We just got confirm for our cabins on the Regent Seven Seas Voyageur departing on October 2 from Istanbul in Turkey to Athens a week later with stops in Santorini, Kusadasi, Mykonos, plus plus.

I look forward to going back to Turkey.

i am frequently asked about various travel products because of our huge travel store.

Lately, after reading an article about DVT, or hospitality class syndrome, as the blood clotting leg disease is known as, I am really promoting our Travel Sox.

They are compression sox which help keep the blood flow going on aircraft.

You should still walk around often. But what surprised me about the research was the ages it affected people most at.

I had always viewed it as a disease mostly of the elderly. In fact people under 30 are very prone to this problem. That’s scary because young people are of course, invincible, and would never think of wearing these socks.

Everyone should have them on for a long trip but now I know it is not just for the elderly but for the yhoung, the obese (a big risk) and those who are very tall or very short.

It doesn’t leave much does it. So next time you travel consider compression socks like Travel Sox…it could save your life.