Driving back from my cottage in Lake of the Woods yesterday afternoon I listened to a representive of the 4 Canadian airlines talk about their alternative to the private members bill put forward by Winnipeg NDP MP Jim Malloway.

Mallowayintroduced a thoughtful program which had some teeth to it and to the surprise of the airlines, unlike other private member bills by opposition parties, this one seemed to be taken seriously.

So the airlines in an attempt to kill it before it gets much further have suggested they will work with the Transport people to establish criteria for their own bill of rights.

Listening to this speaker, and I am sorry I forgot his name, I thought I was going to vomit. Everything he said was based on ‘we’ll try’.

We’ll try to get the lost luggage to you quickly. We’ll try to not overbook or leave you hungry when we keep you waiting.

But iot’s all we’ll try suggesting somehow they weren’t trying before.

Does it make you feel comfortable that they weren’t trying to get your lost luggage to you before?

Well now they are going to try.

What a crock of you know what. While Malloways’s bill could use some modification it is a far cry more impressive than what the airlines are countering with.

Perhaps we should all be calling our own MP’s and letting them knwo we want something beyond, we’ll try.