It was a excellent trip. We landed in Zurich and had time to go downtown on their super efficient, super speed trains.

It was Sunday so shopping opportunities were at a premium, but it is a very nice city.

On board the Avalon Tapestry out of Basel the next day we are welcomed by an exceptionally friendly crew and shown to our cabin with its full floor to ceiling sliding door.

It made cruising down the Rhine seem like a non stop tourist attraction. feeling a little tired? Lie down and watch a world of history pass by you.

Open seating on a small ship means you will meet people…and we met wonderful people on this cruise.

Part of the ship was taken by people who booked through a PBS Burt Wolf promotion. We sat with a number of them and made really close friends with a few.

That to me is the one aspect of River cruising that is great…you run into people often either in the bar or the restaurant since these essentially are the only places to go for the little time you spend on board.

We ended our journey in Amsterdam. Ann Franks house, the poppy festival (or whatever its called) and wondering through the streets and sailing through the canals made for an excellent couple of days.

Consider river cruising as an option. It is very different and really can’t be compared to ocean cruises for many reasons I will write about later.