One thing that is hitting home to me more and more. Don’t leave home without it. Not the American Express card which does come in handy but rather hard cold American cash.

In many Caribbean countries they don’t even want their own currency. And they most frequently quote you prices in American.

And you should change your Canadian into American before you go because your hotel exchange rate is always murderous.

We found the same in Mexico. And while the Euro was appearing to be at a stage to usurp the power of the US greenback, the current economic crisis has set it back substantively.

So take the currency that works best. And make sure you ask for crisp new bills. We did not have any problems on this trip but over the last few weeks I have had many comments about money being refused because it was not in perfect condition, with one email saying a pen mark in the corner was enough to get a bill nixxed at one exchange shop.