Part of the reason I have been on the road lately was to attend the annual conference of the Travel Media Writers Association of Canada in Richmond, British Columbia.

Richmond itself is a fascinating place and I will have more to say about it in a separate posting.

However it was gratifying to be honoured with the award for the best action photo of the year for a picture I took of a cliff diver in Mazatlan. You can view that photo if you like by going on the site and clicking the link at the bottom to destination stories and bringing up the story entitled The Real Mazatlan.

I feel lucky in winning this award because, while I consider myself a reasonably good photographer I think it is my new Nikon D80 and the fact I take hundreds of photos that help. Sooner or later one does have to succeed. But I am nevertheless pleased with the award in no small part because I have just been notified that the very same photo was given an award of Merit from the North American Travel Journalists Association, another travel writers organization.

At the same time I am informed I got a Merit Award for a Mediterannean Cruise story I did last year which can be read on the same site if you like.

It surely was my week as another project I did on behalf of the Winnipeg Convention Centre in the creation of a marketing piece for them won the first prize in the category, and this one actually has a stay at a very nice property attached to the award.

I write for the love of it so winning or not is not really that important but we do all appreciate recognition, don’t we?