The last time I was in Richmond, which really seems like Vancouver since it is only about 20 minutes from the heart of downtown, it was to visit an Uncle and Aunt who have long ago passed away.

It was always interesting to go into Richmond because it was relatively small, mostly undeveloped, and very easy to get around in.

Things have really changed.

It is quite big now and the Olympics will make it even more popular as visitors go there to watch the speed skating events in the newly completed Oval. This truly is an exciting structure. During my recent TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) meeting we had a cocktail party and dinner there.

It is impressive, created in part from wormwood, which is recycled dead trees destroyed by that devastating pest. The structure will be turned into a giant health facility after the Olympics for Richmond and other BC residents.

There are more Asian restaurants there than you will find in most cities and the quality of them seems to be consistently outstanding.

We stayed at the River Rock Casino and even though it has only been open for a short time, it is already a success story with exceptionally high occupancy levels. It is very nice and worth staying in whether you are a gambler or not.

I am in the process of finishing a story on the area which I hope will find a publication home soon.
One of the hidden treasures we did visit though was a little place called Stevested, a community which is still a part of the Richmond district.

It must be Vancouver’s best kept secret because it is never promoted but it is on the waterfront with lots of restaurants and shops including the best fish and chip offering I have tasted in a very long time.