Last night we got back from Punta Cana after a long flight, which was longer than should have been because after leaving Punta Cana it picked up passengers in Puerta Plata.

The wait wasn’t that long but it really extended the total flight time and we were very tired when we got home.

But the memories were good.

It was our second trip to the Dominican, which I still think may have the finest sand beaches in the world. The beaches are wide and great for long long walks.

My wife insisted we walk over an hour each day which seemed also to extend with each passing trek. However considering we came back from another All Inclusive without gaining weight, I guess I should be thanking here.

I am lucky because my wife Rae, short for Raymonde, likess to sleep in while I need very little sleep. So she sleeps while I head out to the golf courses. I will do a separate entry on why golf away is so special even for a rediculously terrible golfer like myself.

We stayed at the Dreams Palm Beach resort which was very nice. Excellent selection of restaurants. We both recommend the Italian and French over the others but the Steak House on the beach was not hard to handle.

Dreams has an interesting concept of no reservations which was exceptional for half the meals and led to long waits for the other half. But they do warn you that between 7 and 8, the waits might be long. So guess when Rae and I chose to dine.

The pools at Dreams are amazing and provide lots of tanning space for those who prefer the poolside over the ocean side. I don’t figure that one out. Why travel that far to be at an ocean and sit around a pool. Each to his (or her) own.

There’s not a lot to do in Punta Cana so you really do get to relax. Good books and a few glasses of wine pass the day quickly after golf.

I do recommend Dreams for those who are interested. We also were at Dreams Punta Cana which looks great but the road to get there is brutal.

A new highway adjacent to the old looks like it is ready to open soon, and the sooner the better.