A blog is only as interesting as the content on it and readers must surely be frustrated with my dedication to keeping up with this one.

However, I have been on the road almost every week for the past several and am on my way again tomorrow for a few days in Montreal, a city I love, and then to Punta Cana shortly after for a week.

On top of that I have a river cruise in Europe for mid April and trip to Achorage, Alaska in early May.

Shortly after my son-in-law and I will go to a fly-in fishing lodge in northern Manitoba in June.

In October my wife and I will host a cruise aboard the Voyageur Seven Seas from Istanbul to Athens followed almost immediately with a trip to Quebec City.

I still plan to do a few days of golfing with my son in Arizona to round out the year.

Even though I love it, I’m tired already.