There is not much worse than the death watch of anyone or anything but when it is a national airline, it is very hard to take.

And once again Air Canada is on the brink as Montie Brewer resigns as President and CEO to be replace by a guy named Calin Ravinsescu.

Haven’t heard of him? It may be because he may be more of a backroom numbers guy whose expertise includes corporate restructuring.

Things are bad at AC and the a step into bankruptcy protection may be not far off. This is the second time in 6 years.

I wonder if any lessons have been learned. Air Canada was once the pride of a nation until it forgot who really pays the bills and found increasingly innovative ways to irritate their customer base.

I want AC to survive. I want them to be profitable. And I want them to remember those of us who buy the tickets.

And I have never blamed the front lines. They have made their sacrifices. They have also paid the price but from the top down attitudes have quite frankly sucked the big one. And I have seen it first hand.

Let’s hope for a renewed sense of service so we can return with a new sense of optimism. Let them deal with attitudes and the money will follow.