We returned from our first trip to Playa Del Carmen a couple of weeks ago and cannot stop talking about how much we enjoyed it. We stayed at two side by side properties, the Gran Porto Real Playa Del Carmen and the Royal Resort Playa Del Carmen. They are both owned by the Real company.

They are also both excellent resorts which I have no hesitancy in recommending. In fact this week the Royal Resort will be awarded the Five Diamond award which only two or three other properties in the entire Mexican Resort regions have been able to get.

For those who have not been to Playa Del Carmen, the beach is a wonderful place with some of the finest sand you will find anywhere. It is also a wide beach which is a bonus when you want a little extra relaxation room.

The downtown, which is really one 3 kilometre long street, is a wonderful place to spend an evening or two. Lots of shops, lots of bars, and lots of happy people giving the street a very nice ambiance.

I golfed at the course where the upcoming PGA Tour will have its only out of U.S. or Canada tournament. It was a good experience…a little expensive but not more than most US courses which are located in tourist areas.

We found the trip from the Cancun airport to be frustrating because we had to wait in the bus too long and it was a longer trip than I expected.

However we flew in Club class on Transat Holidays and that was a treat. The flight attendants were amazing and the extra room, not to mention the extra baggage allowance was tremendous. Had we not done that our costs for overweight luggage could have sent me to the poor house.

Coming back to the cold has made us want to hit the road again so our next journey will be Punta Cana in March. In the meantime I will be going back to Vancouver and Richmond where I was last week.