I have long espoused that Canadians would sooner take the latter choice as the temperatures dip lower and lower into November and beyond.

At first it looked like I could be wrong as the economy, not to mention above normal temperatures in the fall, slowed things down. Tour operators in Canada didn’t feel confident either and started a price war which suggested that no one in the supply chain could make money. Any number of the sale prices were going out at well below what the cost to the supplier was. And travel agents felt no enthusiasm for the pricing since they would need to sell almost twice as much to make the same commissions.

Once the cold hit, and prices stayed low, the phones started ringing across the country. Even in Ontario where the economic meltdown was more severe people started booking.

The terrible weather continued and planes were starting to fly out fuller. January pricing is still low. There are great deals for March but February pricing has held.

So the season may be salvageable but there is a real question whether anyone will emerge from the season with a good bottom line.

However, people will travel south to escape the cold and that alone makes everyone happy. Once a pattern is established no one wants to see the pattern change, not even for a season.

Looking ahead every report suggests that if you have the money, make this the year to travel. Already London hotel prices have dropped as they are dropping all over Europe.

Cruise discounts abound and every sector of the travel industry is using price as the attraction to keep us from not going away this spring and summer.

In spite of all the challenges we may see lots of travel but as above, can anyone make a buck? Or are we all just trying to make it to the other side of the recession intact.