It is clear the economy has hit the pocket book of most Canadians. And it is not uncommon that the first thing to go are discretionary options like travel.

But a strange thing has happened which underscores a theory I have had about the sun destination travel season, particularly as relates to western Canadians who must endure consistent weeks of unbearably cold weather.

I have often observed that most people at the height of the frigid season would sooner forego the purchase of a refrigerator than stay out in the cold all winter. The winter holiday has become a family absolute for many throughout Canada.

Now this season with unemployment rising in Eastern Canada has had a more profound effect on tour operators in that region. And even in Western Canada with more seats coming into the market this year prices were lower than they ever were in the early part of the season as a dog fight to capture winter travellers was fierce.

Even Christmas pricing was lowered. There are still excellent bargains available in January through to the end of the season, but last minute Christmas seats are at a premium because flights are going out full.

And I believe the low prices available now will fill up the season’s seat availability well. But waiting until prices go even lower I suspect is not a good idea, so I would make that decision now before temperature and prices get even colder.