I now know that keeping up a good blog takes a lot of dedication and work. When I started I really planned to add something interesting every couple of days but I let other priorities stand in the way.

Since my last entries I certainly have had a busy travel life with Taiwan, Thailand, Toronto twice, and now next week Montreal.

Taiwan really is an amazing country. I went there not really expecting much and came away with an enthusiasically positive feeling. The people are genuinely friendly and ever helpful. the scenery is quite magnificent, the temples and pagotas are interesting, and some of the land masses are unique.

While Taipei is a huge city it is easy to get around in with one of the best subway/metro systems anywhere. And whileTaipei 101 is a bit of a monument to nothing, knocking out Toronto’s CN tower to be the tallest building for a short while, it is an imposing design, but still just one more big building. The shopping centre on the first three floors certainly was busy and all the brands were luxury ones.

Thailand is always a great place except for the season I chose to visit it this time. It rained every day and when it wasn’t raining I perspired so much I looked like I had just come in from a rainstorm.

I went to college in Toronto when there wasn’t a good restaurant to be found and today it is one of the best epicurian cities in the world. It is in its own way an exciting city and no wonder it attracts tourists and movie stars so effectively.

Going back to Montreal is like going home, having spent many days there over the years when I managed a company whose head office was in this unbelievable place.

I am now doing my pre New Year’s resolution to be more attentive to this blog which I realize I really like doing. I can pour out ideas and opinions. This gives me a sense of perspective as I look back on the words and I hope you can handle some of my ramblings and gain some good information as I get more serious herein.