It seems I hardly got back from Italy and our Mediterranean cruise and I am off again. Tomorrow I leave for Taiwan, a country I have never visited. It is a for a major conference and I am most excited about it because a Manitoba-based adventure company will be winning a major international award for Eco Tourism.

I am the current president of the Winnipeg Chapter of SKAL, an international hospitality and travel organization. I will have them on my radio show when I get back but it is a good thing for them and the Province of Manitoba.

During this trip I will also be going to Thailand where there has been riots in Bangkok only this past week or so. Not the best time I suppose but I know most problems occur if you go near the area of the parliament buildings. I will not be going there.

When I was younger I went to Belfast at the height of the riots. I was younger and much more foolish. Since then I could have been judged equally foolish for going to Israel a month after Ytzak Rabin was assassinated.

So here I go again hoping that buying suits and tablecloths along with gifts for Christmas is not a foolhardy goal at this time.

I will try to keep up with travel reports during my time away.