There was a lot of goodwill being tossed around when Air Canada and then Westjet announced they would no longer add fuel surcharges to their tickets.

And there was equal enthusiasm when Air Canada retreated from its initial policy of charging for a second bag that you wanted to check in.

Some people somehow concluded that with the first announcemnt prices would go down. Or that somehow they would get a rebate on tickets already purchased.

Such is not the case; but the move is a good one. Industry associations have asked for this for years. Travel agencies were constantly faced with angry consumers taking out their wrath against the airlines on the agent handling the call.

This announcement is a good one because it means that the price you see advertised will be the price you pay, except for the normal taxes we face in all purchases.

On closer examination of the new policy on baggage charges, it all looks great on the surface and to a great extent really is. But the charges for going overweight on any of your bags is really going to hit your pocketbook. The cost of a third bag has also gone up dramatically so you really need to pack differently than you might have in the past.

This will also hasten the trend that has already been taking place for 3 or 4 years to quality lightweight luggage.

I am often asked what is the best of these. While there are a variety of choices I suggest two alternatives depending on budgets.

For my money the best by far is the Victorinox Werks line. It has been made substantively lighter than earlier models but it has done so without sacrificing quality to any major extent. It still features a ballistic nylon material. It still has a honeycomb frame, ligher than in the past but still strong. And it’s features, like all Victorinox products, are all really worthwhile. Finally, its fashion forward design is appreciated by most buyers.

Problems with this line have been almost non-existent and they even have a warranty against common carrier damage. It is a really good buy at the price.

The other line I refer to does not offer the same quality but its price point is dramatically less. It is the Delsey Fusion, the best in their line of reasonably priced light products. The material is an 1800 Polyester blend, much more than most lightweight less expensive baggage, which is either 1200 or 1000 denier. I cannot recommend such low level material considering today’s airport carousels.

It has good zippers and wheels. It is expandable even in the carry-on which is unusual. And it really is offered at an extremely attractive price.