The cruise is winding down and we will soon be off on a separate follow-up tour of Rome.

We changed our tour to a shorter excursion in Tunisia taking in Carthage and the Sidi Bou Said.

It was hot but the tour guide was exceptional, we really got a lot out of it. The peddlars go at you hard but I bargained down a 150 Euro ask for some plates Rae wanted to 40 Euro. He was not happy but made the deal.

Tomorrow we are back in Italy in Palermo, then on to Solarno which is changed from Naples. They gave an excuse but I suspect it is strictly because of the garbage in the streets and a rat infestation I have heard about.

Because I have been to Pompeii we are going instead to the Amalfi coast. But anyone else going should go to Pompeii for sure.