Once upon a time I concluded I would not like cruiseship holidays because I might be too confined.

Well I guess if spending time with new people you like and seeing something new in a different destination is confining I suppose I was right but we are having a ball. The leaning Tower of Pisa is overrated but still worth the trip. Although the sight of dozens of grown people trying to capture the identical look as every camera along side them really looks silly.

They can spend all kinds of time taking and retaking the same photgraph until they get something that looks like they are propping up the Leaning Tower.

Lucca nearby is worth the visit even though fewer tourists end there. No leaning tower but the walled city has neat squares with lots of shops and their famous Gelato bars. Ice cream should taste like this.

We were in Monaco yesterday and chose the tour that takes in nearby Nice and the city of Eze. Nice and Ezey….get it?I wish we would have taken the longer tour instead of the panoramic one. But there sure were a lot of panoramic views.

After booking our tour for Tunisia we are told on the cruise ship video that for much of the time the tour guides are relatives of the shopkeepers and try to take you to their shops where the aggressive sales pitches are unending.

Think before booking this one.

Meals have been great on Holland America so far. Braised veal shank was really good.

Be up early the morning after you leave Monaco because the scenery is said to be absolutely spectacular. I slept in and have heard nothing but what I missed.

Tomorrow we go on a Barcelona excursion which is included on this cruise which I am hosting. I am embarassed to acknowledge that I have never heard of the works of Gaudi but many on the tour have and are excited to go on this partly architectual tour. Gaudi, apparently it is true got killed when he stepped back to admire his work and got hit by a car.